Types of jobs in sales?

Sales Development Rep
SDRs (also known as business development representatives or BDRs) are in charge of the initial stage of the sales process: prospecting, qualifying, and investigating prospects.
Identifying and reaching out to possible good matches, responding to requests for additional information, following up with prospects who downloaded content, prospecting on LinkedIn and other social networks, and more may be required, depending on the company.

Account Executive
After six to 18 months in a sales development job, the great majority of candidates are ready to be promoted. As an AE, they’ll be in charge of performing demos or giving presentations, as well as detecting, uncovering, and resolving possible buying roadblocks, building tailored value propositions, obtaining purchase commitments, and negotiating the final terms.

Outside salesperson
The majority of an outside salesperson’s time is spent “in the field,” or contacting potential clients at their places of business. A field sales job might be alienating because you’re mostly working alone or with a small group of people. You will, however, most likely have a flexible schedule.

Account Managers
Once the first purchase is completed, account managers enter the picture. An account manager’s portfolio is largely steady, unlike that of a salesperson, whose accounts are continually changing.

Regional Sales Manager
Sales managers and regional sales managers are in charge of teams of SDRs, representatives, and account managers. You’ll manage sales territory and create individual quotas and team goals, as well as evaluate data, conduct sales trainings and call evaluations.