Types of Group Discussion

There are many types of Group discussions that exist and are taken by colleges depending upon their purpose. The following are the most popular type of Group Discussions conducted

  • Generic GDs: The topics for these sorts of Group discussions are either current events or static topics. Students should be comprehensive with them and read newspapers every day to stay current. Furthermore, these debates are not time-limited.

  • Case Based GDs: Students are given circumstances, mostly from the corporate world, and are evaluated on how they solve the problem. They will be expected to assess the issue and express their opinions.

  • Focus GDs: A focus group discussion brings individuals together who have comparable backgrounds or experiences to explore a particular topic of interest. It is a type of qualitative study in which participants are asked questions about their attitudes, beliefs, opinions, or ideas.

  • Abstract GDs: Because there is no framework of the issue in this type of debate, no one knows which way to go in. The conversation must be guided by unique techniques and ideas from the participants. The topic may be a single word or a single line, but no one generally knows what to say about it or what the panel would prefer.