Top cybersecurity books?

This selection of noteworthy cyber security books has been carefully curated by us. Real-life case studies, actual security horror stories, and the unravelling of what the future holds for the fascinatingly spooky and ever-volatile subject of cybersecurity are all included on this list.

1) The art of invisibility
The book’s author, Kevin Mitnick, is widely regarded as the world’s most famous hacker, and his ideas are relied upon in The Art of Invisibility. The large establishments aiming to take advantage of us by eavesdropping on our every humdrum move are warned by his unexpectedly appealing words.
With the assistance of his expertise and experience, he has given his readers some crucial advice on how to protect themselves from big brother’s and big data’s ever-watchful eyes. Mitnick uses real-life instances of huge organizations to illustrate his point.

2) The art of exploitation
The book provides a thorough examination of contemporary programming and hacking techniques. Even better, the second version of this book includes a Live CD that has a complete Linux environment. This allows curious individuals to get their hands dirty with programming and debugging without jeopardising their computer’s operating system.
Furthermore, the book is written in plain English with no technical jargon. This book is an easy read for anyone with even a smidgeon of interest in the subject of hacking.

3) The Code Back
Simon Singh has written an enthralling book that traces the history of encryption all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Yes, you read that correctly. According to Simon, the underpinnings for today’s cyber security standards may be traced back to ancient Egyptian texts and obsolete espionage methods.

The book depicts how encryption has shaped the society we live in in great detail. Encryption may be attributed for anything from the beginning of the e-commerce business to the end of the intrusive Nazi government.