Top 3 cybersecurity professionals?

1) Dr. Eric Cole
Dr. Eric Cole is the creator and executive leader of Secure Anchor Consulting, where he delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity consulting services, expert witness work, and R&D projects to improve our sector. He has over 20 years of hands-on expertise. Advanced Persistent Threat, Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight, and Network Security Bible 2nd Edition are just a few of the works he’s written. Dr. Cole is an inventor with over 20 patents and served on the Obama administration’s Commission on Cybersecurity, in addition to his usual research, speaking, and writing initiatives. His ability to effortlessly extract difficult concepts and reduce them down has really aided me in my own presentations and writings.

2) Tyler Cohen Wood
Tyler Cohen Wood has over 20 years of expertise as a cyber-authority. Tyler worked as a Senior Intelligence Officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, where she developed security solutions and made recommendations that had a significant impact on the development and change of critical cybersecurity policies and directives that impacted current and future intelligence community programs. She has assisted the White House, the Department of Defense, federal law enforcement, and the intelligence community in averting several cyber threats to the United States. Tyler’s knowledge has made her a popular guest and writer on national and local television, radio, print, and online news outlets. I had the honor of co-presenting with Tyler on ‘Hacking Implanted Microchips’ at the 2018 RSA Conference.

3) Joseph Stienberg
Joseph Steinberg has over twenty years of experience in the IT sector as the CEO of SecureMySocial, a social media warning and security solution for employees and enterprises. He most recently worked as CEO of online authentication provider Green Armor Solutions for 9 years, where he is still Chairman, as well as various key positions at cybersecurity firm Whale Communications (acquired by Microsoft). I always look forward to Joseph’s essays in Cybercrime Magazine, where he teaches his readers on all things cybersecurity with his eye on both current and future developments.