Tips for the question on WHY MBA?

When interviewing for admission to a business school, the question “why MBA?” comes up frequently. A solid and intelligent response to this question will demonstrate to employers that you value your education and understand how this advanced degree will help you reach your long-term job objectives. Furthermore, a smart answer will help you get through the interview process and increase your chances of being accepted into the programme. There are some things the candidate should keep in mind while answering this type of question:

  1. Prepare an honest answer.
  2. Try to provide as many reasons as possible on why MBA will help you like: - Networking opportunities, leadership skills, professional knowledge, career advancement etc.
  3. Be specific to the school and the program you chose.
  4. How to make a successful career change.
  5. Try to mention their teaching style, career placements, class diversity, college reputation.
  6. Be clear and confident.
  7. Be ready for follow up questions.
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