Tips for starting a new sales role?

Identify your strengths & weaknesses

  • To succeed in sales, you must play to your strengths while avoiding being hampered by your flaws. Find out what you’re good at and what you need to work on. List all of the things you undertake in your position and rank them from favourite to least favourite as an easy exercise to figure this out.

Expectation setting

  • Setting accurate expectations is vital in order to know how to surpass them. While everyone loves to hear things like “With your expertise, you’ll be performing in no time,” you need to figure out exactly what “performing” means. Does this imply that quota will be met in two weeks? Is it really two months? Is it really a year?

  • If you don’t act immediately, you risk being blamed for something like an unforeseen team shortage. Emotions always spike at the end of the month or quarter, and this protects you.

  • Create SMART objectives (simple, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) and come up with actual statistics on what you will be expected to deliver and discuss it with your boss to save everyone time and effort.

  • In the end, get your boss’s expectations in writing.

Specialization helps

  • Trying to make lists, prospect, take notes, and plot your next move all at once is like to changing gears on the freeway: you’ll cause unneeded friction and sparks will fly. Your transmission will be worn down by the continual flipping back and forth (brain).
  • So, like an assembly line, split down distinct jobs and complete them one at a time: evaluate your region in one session. In one sitting, generate a list of companies and contacts. In one sitting, email the whole list. In one sitting, call through the entire list.
  • Do all of your interstate travel one day and all of your errands near town the following. You’ll be able to reach a significantly higher top speed as a result of this.