Tips for answering the question “What are your job expectations?”

Here are a few additional tips for answering interview questions about your expectations for the job:

Know the job description

Reading the job description to get an understanding of the employer’s expectations of a successful candidate can help you plan answers that specifically address what the employer is looking for and highlight you as the best candidate for the position.

Have specific answers prepared

Knowing the specific areas you want to focus on questions about job expectations before your interview can help you provide the best answer. Think about the things your previous employers have expected from you, how you met or exceeded those expectations, what you expect from an employer and what you understand the expectations of you would be in the role you are applying for.

Be realistic

It is important to answer questions about job expectations realistically. If the interviewer is asking about expectations you’ve had for prior positions, you want to answer in a manner that sets realistic expectations for you in your new role. If the interviewer is asking what you expect from your prospective employer, it is equally vital for you to have realistic expectations that they can meet.