Tips and Tricks to prepare before MBA Placements

A. Pre-interview
1. Stand out with an Effective Resume: - When it comes to the content of a CV, recruiters are incredibly picky. As a result, make sure yours is at least one page long and contains concise information about your education, talents, certifications, and professional experience. Once your draught is complete, double-check its substance by going over it again with your teachers or seniors. Remember to integrate their suggestions, and you’ll be one step closer to delivering a faultless CV.

2. Brush up your Basics: - Companies frequently arrange an aptitude test round before a face-to-face interview to narrow down a pool of candidates. This stage aims to see if you’ll be eligible for the final interview. It is better to search for the questions the companies usually ask on topics like quant, logical reasoning, data interpretation, etc.

3. Make Practice Your Bestfriend: - In general, students devote most of their time to becoming well-versed in their field. While this is crucial, it is not the only requirement for getting a job. Your performance will be evaluated by interviewers based on a variety of variables. So you should be ready to respond to any type of inquiry without being stumped. You can rehearse with someone who has already attended interviews and ask for positive criticism.

4. Prepare Basic FAQs
There will be a set of standard questions in every interview. You can compile a list of such interview questions, both technical and non-technical, and tailor your responses to each one. The following are some of the non-technical ones:
• Please introduce yourself.
• Use three words to describe yourself.
• What inspires you?
• What are your advantages and disadvantages?
• In the next 5-6 years, where do you see yourself?
• Are you someone who works well with others?
• What makes you so different from others that we should recruit you?

5. Improve your group discussion skills: - You will almost certainly be a part of a group discussion, just as you were in the aptitude round. Employers are looking to see how well you communicate, listen, express yourself, and know about the issue.
You must practise day in and day out to perform well in this round. Make a list of your pals, appoint one of them as the judge, and come up with a topic. Focus on the following while participating in such a discussion:
• Being a good listener is a valuable skill.
• Speaking clearly and concisely
• Speaking with self-assurance
• Keeping up with current events

6. Work on Your Soft Skills: Because this is an MBA campus placement drive, nearly every candidate applying for the job will have an almost identical resume in terms of degree and credentials. So, how do you make yourself unique? Your soft skills could answer this question.

These characteristics impact how well you operate in a team, how well you communicate, how well you manage stress, how well you manage time, and so on. Don’t forget to work on your interpersonal skills when attempting to become an expert in your field.