Tips and Tricks during the MBA Placements

A. During the Interview

1. Punctuality Counts: - Did you know that being late for an interview demonstrates a lack of attention to detail and a disregard for other people’s time? We’re sure you don’t want to make this kind of impression while looking for work. If you have an aptitude test, a group discussion, or even a personal interview arranged, make sure you arrive at least 30-45 minutes early.

2. Ace the Personal Interview: - This is the time of your interview where you can make or break it. Your well-crafted résumé, answers to common interview questions, domain expertise, and interpersonal skills will all be scrutinized. Now is the opportunity to demonstrate to your interviewers everything you’ve learnt in your MBA school and that you’re qualified for that post or internship.

3. Remain calm: - The placement season is likely to make you nervous and doubt your abilities. However, if you want to work for your ideal company, you should train your mind to focus and not worry. You will be prepared and not worry until the last minute if you follow our advice daily. Regular practice is one approach to train without being overwhelmed. During your face-to-face interview, be sure to pay attention to the questions and compose your thoughts before responding. Remember that the purpose of this time is to assess the quality of your responses rather than the speed with which you can react.

4. Convert internships to placement offers: - If you’re signing up for training, you might be thinking to yourself, “How can I convert this into a full-time job?” Putting your heart and soul into it is the most excellent way to do it. Your employer will notice if you are a hardworking and intelligent employee. Aside from that, you can maintain contact with the recruiter, develop a network, and establish trust. So, if the company does not have an immediate opening for you, it will contact you as soon as one becomes available.