System Preparedness for GMAT

It is critical that you check if your system is compatible with the GMAT exam before taking it. Please make sure you meet all of the technical criteria specified.
Your test must be taken on a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and cellphones are absolutely prohibited.

Operating Systems:
• Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 Editions (Operating System)
• 10.14 – 11.0 Mac OS (excluding beta versions)
Linux/Unix operating systems, as well as Windows 7 and lower, are incompatible with the GMATTM online exam.

Webcam: A webcam can be either internal or external, and it must be connected to the computer. To use your webcam, you may need to grant camera access.

Microphone and Speakers: You’ll need a working microphone as well as built-in or external speakers. Make sure the microphone and audio are not muted. You will be needed to provide Go-To-Meeting or Zoom access to your microphone and speakers on test day.

Firewall: On a computer with a corporate firewall, you will not be able to use the secure browser and take your exam (including a VPN). On a personal computer, we encourage testing. Work computers tend to have greater limitations, which might make delivery more difficult.

Processor: Dual-core or higher processor.

RAM + Hard Drive Space:
Windows: 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB RAM or more recommended; 15 GB free hard disc space
Mac: 4 GB RAM or more; 15 GB free hard disc space is required.

Minimum display resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels, 1366 x 768 pixels (best seen with) is the recommended resolution.

Version 80.0 or higher of the Chrome web browser
Safari is the most recent version. Cookies on the internet must be enabled. Any Pop-Up blocking options must be turned off. Before your exam, download the secure browser and instructions: MacOS | Windows

Connection to the Internet:
A consistent and constant connection speed of 2 Mbps down/up is necessary for best performance. Testing on a wired network rather than a wireless network is recommended. If you’re testing at home, urge family members to refrain from using the internet during your exam.
It is not permitted to tether to a mobile hotspot.

Antivirus: Any antivirus software may be used, but no virus scans should be scheduled on the day of your exam.