Steps to learning skills on the job

Learning skills at work can help you advance your career and make your resume more attractive to future employers. As you go through the process of learning skills on the job, keep these steps in mind to get the most out of your experience:

  • Define your goal. Consider why you want to develop skills on the job and stay focused on your goal. You can learn skills more efficiently by focusing on one ability at a time.

  • Find a mentor. You can learn skills more quickly by having someone you can regularly meet with to discuss your progress and provide guidance. This also helps ensure that you are performing tasks properly using best industry practices.

  • Develop a strategy. Create a strategy for learning each skill depending on the resources available. Setting goals and expectations can help you measure your progress.

  • Challenge yourself. Once you have started to be successful at using your new skills on the job, continue to grow your skills by looking for new challenges. This shows ambition and can often lead you to become a highly valuable person in the workplace.