Should one pursue a course in consumer behavior for a good career in marketing?


  1. A consumer behavior course is highly recommended for anyone interested in a career in marketing. It is the most important certification that anyone wishing to pursue a career in marketing should possess.
  2. It emphasizes the fundamentals that will aid in the development of marketing strategies. This course has its own set of difficulties because a marketer must put himself in the shoes of a consumer. Then he must assess the consumer’s pain points.

What does this entail?

  1. This is not a simple task and necessitates a thorough survey. This could be done through observational research or through consumer interviews in which they provide feedback.
  2. The most difficult challenge is finding the right balance between what consumers want and how it aligns with the company’s core competencies.
  3. Consumer behavior is difficult to assess because it is quite complex. To better understand the consumer aspect, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of how market research is conducted.
  4. This course covers three topics: the consumer decision-making process, consumer buying behavior theories, and managerial decision-making.