Should one Do a Sales and Distribution Course for a good career in Marketing?

Difference between Sales and Marketing

  1. The marketing journey is incomplete without a course and certification in Sales and Distribution. If a marketing effort does not result in an increase in sales, it is a loss-making exercise for the company.

  2. Sales is a demanding activity that necessitates going out into the field and devising strategies that will result in increased revenue for the company.

  3. Thus, a sales and distribution course serves as a foundational block for marketing students because it would be a futile attempt to master marketing if one did not get his hands dirty in the field.

  4. Only then would he be able to create a foolproof marketing strategy.

  5. One learns how to deal with distributors, which aids in gaining a thorough understanding of consumer needs and the best business model.

  6. It aids in the development of leadership abilities. This course’s primary goal is to teach distribution structure, retail operations, and sales force planning.