Should I Quit my Job to prepare for Common Admission Test(CAT) exam?

A year ago, I was in the same position, I worked in an IT company for two years, and I wanted to get into a good MBA B-School.
It would help if you considered many parameters while quitting.

  1. If you quit, be ready to face why you quit your job in every interview, and you should be able to justify it. If you say you quit because of CAT, the interviewer’s impression will be that you cannot cope with the pressure and leave your job just for an exam. You will get grilled.
  2. Many colleges give weightage to work experience. Having abundant work experience will be an added advantage when it is less than three years.
  3. The role, after you are in a college, will also get affected, if you have experienced less than two years, you will most likely go into jobs like marketing, But if you have more than 2 in an IT sector, you will go into IT Consulting.
    So I advise you not to quit if you are already in a job and CAT is very competitive. Keeping a backup option on the table does not hurt, but you will need to cope up and balance the pressure. Don’t think of escaping pressure because after you join b-school to make you industry, ready schools will put even more pressure on you.