Scope of Marketing

The scope of marketing is very wide and is inclusive of a multitude of arenas. Marketing research, for eg. Consists of certain individuals studying behavioral patterns, identifying the choices made by consumers and thus working and implementing the data collected from the study to production and distribution, via marketing. Further, work in Brand Management is inclusive but not limited to bringing out the essence of the brand with which people can correlate and then evaluate the competition with respect to the same products at hand. They are entrusted with the responsibility of communicating to the stakeholders as to how their product stands unique from similar products in the market. It also includes Strategizing and that will call for various ad campaigns, developing novel products and carving out the brand and its vision in such a manner that the consumers are drawn to it. Further, this strategy is implemented to increase/decrease manufacturing and how the product is to be promoted. That brings us to Promotion, another important aspect of marketing, which- as the name suggests, focuses on promoting the product/service and the brand and ensuring that maximum target consumers of the product/service are reached out to and are aware of the product/service.