Roles in Marketing

There are a number of roles in marketing that an individual can pursue dependent upon the skills he has. The roles are as followed:

Marketing Generalist
Most marketers have worked as a generalist at one point or another, planning and supervising a wide range of marketing operations. Marketing managers are a common term for them. This position is typical in tiny or mid-sized businesses with minimal resources. In a huge organization with a more complex structure, a generalist performs activities that would otherwise be distributed among multiple experts.

Brand Manager
The brand of a firm is its identity. Branding encompasses all of the qualities that a customer associated with the brand, not simply logos, colour schemes, and typefaces. It is the responsibility of a brand marketer to guarantee that the firm and its goods are linked with the appropriate message.

Content Marketer
Inbound marketing relies heavily on content marketing. A content marketer’s profession entails writing blog articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and landing pages, among other things. Content marketers must reinforce product or service information that is tailored to the target audience. As a result, a content marketer must know who they’re writing for and what kinds of messages they’ll respond to best in various mediums.

Digital Marketing
Any marketing endeavor that takes place online is referred to as digital marketing. Search engines, social media, corporate websites, blogs, and online ads are all examples of digital channels. Because so many people spend so much of their time online, it’s difficult to find a marketer today who doesn’t work in some way with digital marketing.

E-Mail Marketing
To ensure that the email strategy is aligned with the organization’s overall messaging, email marketers must collaborate cross-functionally with all marketing teams. Because email marketers must regularly monitor metrics related to email performance, audience segmentation, and A/B tests, this work significantly relies on data.

Market Reserachers
Market researchers provide other marketers advice on how to position the right items at the right pricing for the appropriate people. They plan, create, and implement research initiatives, gathering quantitative and qualitative data with technologies such as user interviews, data analytics, and focus groups.

Product Marketing
Product marketing managers flourish when product management and marketing collide. They must be knowledgeable about both the market (e.g., competitive landscape, buyer personas) and the product. It is the responsibility of the product marketing manager to guarantee that the market recognizes the value of the company’s product and to encourage consumer demand and adoption.