Role of Chief Product Officer in Product Management

  • Leadership/Supervisory Role: The CPO’s primary responsibility is to lead the Product Management department. He oversees necessary product management officers such as the Director of Product Management, Director of User Experience, Head of Product Analytics, and Director of Product Marketing. The CPO ensures that these critical roles are carried out as efficiently as possible, resulting in the Product Management department’s overall efficiency. The CPO is in charge of the day-to-day execution of all production activities to achieve the product’s and company’s objectives.

  • Vision and Strategy: The CPO is in charge of formulating the Product Management department’s vision and instilling it in every sub-department and employee within the department. According to the CPO, every sub-department is driven by a clear and cohesive vision.

  • Marketing and Evangelism: As the leader of the Product department, the CPO is also responsible for leading the product’s marketing efforts. The CPO serves as its chief evangelist for its development, with help from the Product Marketing and Communications teams.

  • Long-Term Culture: The Chief Product Officer establishes a long-term corporate culture and operating mode (MO). Across the whole product management department, the CPO creates the processes and procedures for doing research, design conceptualization, prototyping, and product development. The CPO additionally develops and refines sensibility and abilities throughout the department’s specialities.

  • Research and Analysis: The CPO is supposed to criticize, refine, and make further recommendations on research and analyses produced by junior product management staff as the head of the entire product division. The CPO is also responsible for performing other product assessments such as gap analysis to build product differentiation and execution methods that would lead to the product’s eventual success. He also does research and studies that lead to informed product implementation decisions on problems such as cost, utility, and timeframes.

  • Other Duties: Other duties as deemed required in the proper performance of his function or as directed by the business’s stakeholders and Employer shall be performed by the CPO.