Role of business development executive

A business development executive is one who is tasked with ensuring the growth of the business or sales in the area or territory he or she is assigned to . This is one of the most common roles in sales and is lucrative for its career development prospects.

A business development executive apart from managing the business in the region is also tasked with finding and scouting new targets and meeting new people to generate leads.

This ensures a steady supply of new business opportunities for the business and helps in positively affecting the bottom line.

Generating new opportunities provides an avenue for the business to expand into new markets that might not exist before or which might not have been tapped into before. Thus networking is key in this line of business as it directly impacts the bottom line of the firm and firms are constantly on the lookout for newer avenues.

The salaries offered to business development executives are ranging from 3-10 Lakhs. The pay offered varies drastically depending on the vertical or domains the company in question is plying it’s trade in.

More pay is found in areas where there is an opportunity for the firm to make more profits and in many cases , a significant portion of the salary is offered in terms of stock options and bonuses for getting new customers or making inroads into a region which is typically over and beyond the range of salary mentioned above.

In addition, prior work experience would play a significant role in ensuring your pay is higher as experience is of vital importance .

Companies are actively seeking out people with prior work experience in related domains and thus your bargaining power when it comes to negotiating your salary is immense when it comes to this domain or line of business.