Role of Associate Product Manager and Senior Product Manager

Associate/Assistant Product Manager

Product Managers usually report to Assistant/Associate Product Managers. They have comparable obligations as Product Managers, albeit on a smaller scale. APM is often an entry-level position that demands the ability to adapt, alter, and learn based on the customers’ needs. Young professionals in this capacity have a lot of opportunities to learn because they work directly with the Product Manager and can learn about team management and decision making from them.

A few key roles include:

1. Carrying out market research.
2. Analyzing data.
3. Collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.
4. We’re working on new product strategies and a roadmap.
5. Creating project reports and keeping track of the progress.
6. Collaboration with the design/software team on UI/UX.

Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Managers work closely with senior leaders from several departments, including sales, marketing, design, etc. They collaborate closely with a clientele and a leadership role. They manage the complete product team, which includes product managers, engineering managers, analysts, associate product managers, and the entire engineering team. SPMs are also in charge of the product’s budgeting and advertising. This position typically requires at least five years of product management expertise.

A few key roles include:

1. Creating a product roadmap and strategy
2. Starting a business strategy and budget management
3. Creating reliable processes for a successful end-to-end product lifecycle
4. Coordinating with multiple team’s senior leaders
5. Stakeholder management (internal and external)
6. Detailed knowledge of competitors
7. Managing a huge group of people
8. Extensive data analysis and reporting
9. Managing the recruitment process