Retail selling Vs Solution oriented?

A career in sales may be both challenging and rewarding. Those interested in a sales job have a lot of options when it comes to the things they may offer. Similarly, companies selling items must determine not just the sort of product they will offer, but also the type of sales method they will use. Retail customer-based selling and solution-based selling are two different sorts of sales tactics. Each of these sales strategies, on the other hand, is distinct and may help both businesses and customers in various ways.

Retail sales
Retail customer-based selling is a product-oriented selling style that presume the client will buy the product because of the benefits it provides. The seller can promote a certain product and set up shop in a retail sales technique so that the customer searches for the product at the seller’s location. The customer’s needs and wishes are fundamental to the retail sales process, and the buyer typically buys the goods because he wants it.

Solution oriented selling
A solution-based sales technique focuses on the customer’s needs rather than his own preferences. In a solution-based sales environment, the firm identifies a specific problem that the client is experiencing and attempts to address that need by providing a product that is expressly designed to address that issue. A corporation with inefficient software or computer systems, for example, would profit from investing in goods that would boost efficiency and productivity.