Questions to ask the interviewer at the end of a personal interview

It is a misconception that a personal interview is merely an interaction to assess the candidate’s skills and whether he is a good fit for the company/college conducting the interview. The candidate has to keep in mind that it is also an interaction for him to decide and evaluate whether the company/college is a good fit for him as well. He/she should feel free to ask questions about the company/college goals and visions that he has found confusing. Questions like what challenges a company is facing in its potential department and how it plans to tackle it, what is expected of him at the position he is applying for, how the company aims at resolving situations of disagreements etc are some examples a candidate may ask in a personal interview. Further, it should be kept in mind that a candidate has to undertake some prior research, so he knows about the company and so that his questions are a matter of genuine concern and that implies that the candidate has done his research. Further, the candidate must align his long-term plans and goals as per the company’s and therefore he should ask the recruiter about the company’s long-term projections so he can see whether they fit his preference or not.