Questions asked to an Engineering Physics Student(MBA Interview)

An interviewer may ask the following technical questions to a candidate with an Engineering Physics degree:

  1. Describe in detail the major advances in quantum physics that have occurred to date.

  2. How do you interpret Quantum Entanglement?

  3. Can you explain the shear stress formula? Use the derived formula to define it as well.

  4. What is the speed of light in space in relation to the speed of light on Earth (Air)?

  5. Who discovered matter’s fourth state? Describe its importance as well as its properties.

  6. What is the standard unit of heat resistance measurement?

  7. Which instrument can be used to evaluate the light scattering effect of particles suspended in liquid?

  8. Define dyne and compare it to Newton.

  9. Discuss the dual nature of particles.

  10. How would you define a photon according to the photon theory of light?

  11. Distinguish between convection conduction and radiation.

  12. Explain Newton’s Law of Cooling using a diagram, examples, and a graph.

  13. What are the different components of a particle’s acceleration in a circular motion?