Questions asked to a Computer Engineer(MBA Interview)

An interviewer may pose the following technical questions to a candidate with a degree in Computer Engineering:

  1. Describe the waterfall model in software development in detail.
  2. Explain the distinctions between HTTP and HTTPS using examples.
  3. What role does data mining play in today’s world? What distinguishes data mining from text mining and content mining?
  4. Explain in detail what Cloud Computing is and what the distinction between programming and cloud computing is.
  5. Is C++ still relevant in the coding world, and as a building block, is it still recommended to learn C++ first before moving on to other languages?
  6. Describe the distinctions between Unix and Linux.
  7. How many bits does an 8085 microprocessor have, and how does it differ from an 8086 microprocessor?
  8. Give some examples of operating systems.
  9. Describe the advantages of SAP and ERP and provide examples of how companies have benefited from their implementation.