Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation section of CMAT 2022

Key Points of Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation Section of CMAT2022

• This section of the CMAT Questionnaire contains 25 questions in MCQ format.

• Each question is worth 4 points for the correct answer and -1 point for the wrong attempt.

• This section focuses on questions related to quantitative methods. You can have up to 4-8 data interpretation questions.

• The difficulty level of the Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation section of the CMAT exam is usually medium to medium difficulty.

• Out of 25 questions, about 22 right attempts are considered as good attempt in this section.

Topics to be Covered

  1. Geometry
  2. Time-Speed-Distance
  3. Profit and Loss
  4. Work and Time
  5. Mensuration
  6. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  7. Permutations & Combinations
  8. Ratio and Proportion
  9. Percentages
  10. Quadratic, Linear, Differential Equations
  11. In-equality
  12. Algebra
  13. Number System
    14 Probability
  14. Partnership
  15. Allegation and mixtures
  16. Tabulation
  17. Pipes and Cisterns

Tips and Tricks

The Quantitative Engineering & Data Interpretation component of the CMAT exam is normally challenging, but if you’re skilled at math, you shouldn’t have too much trouble passing it.

• Quantitative Techniques questions dominate this portion of the CMAT test. Table-based data interpretation questions are normally limited to four to six.

• The majority of the questions in the Quantitative Techniques portion are based on arithmetic. There were ten Arithmetic questions out of a total of 25 on the CMAT 2021. As a result, throughout exam preparation, give special attention to Arithmetic.

• Invest time in clarifying concepts, formulae, and theorems, even if you studied Mathematics in college, because this is the foundation of excellent CMAT preparation.

• After you’ve studied a topic, try your hand at a few practice questions. This will assist you in comprehending the theory’s implementation.

• Examining CMAT example questions can also assist you in determining whether or not you have grasped the concepts.

• The Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation parts are both calculation-based and lack any sense of intuitiveness. As a result, appropriate question practice is required.

• To familiarize yourself with a range of problems focused on Quantitative Technique and Data Interpretation, take CMAT mock examinations, sample papers, and previous years question papers.

• Sample paper booklets for practice can be found in stores and on the internet. To get control over difficult topics, solve them.

• Start taking mock examinations on alternate days in the month leading up to CMAT 2022. Assess your performance and score after each fake test to determine your weak points.

• By taking CMAT practice tests, you’ll be able to assess your strong points, which will come in handy while choosing questions for the CMAT 2022 exam. Only attempt questions that are your type, meaning those that you can answer correctly.

• Memorize up to 20 tables, square and square roots up to 100, cubes, cube roots, and so on for speedy calculations.

• Plan an exam strategy for the day of the exam. If you excel at quantitative techniques and data interpretation, begin the CMAT 2022 paper with answering questions from this section.

• In the CMAT 2022 exam, try to reach the minimum sectional cut-off level and then go ahead with other sections. You can come back to attempt the remaining questions if time permits.