Pros of working from home

More independence

Working from home can provide autonomy and independence in your job that might be absent in a physical workplace. Additionally, these types of roles require self-discipline and motivation enough to manage time responsibly and complete job tasks.

No commute to work

Work-from-home jobs mean you can eliminate your commute. Even if you work from home one or two days during the week, you travel less.

Save on expenses

This benefit can have several far-reaching effects. For instance, when you eliminate commuting, you can reduce your fuel and transportation expenses. Telecommuting can also help you reduce other expenses like work clothing, meals and even childcare. Saving on the costs of childcare can be especially advantageous to parents working from home.

Increased productivity

When you work independently in a quieter environment, you may be more productive. Increased productivity relates to several more factors including the ability to move around your home freely and take breaks whenever you feel the need to. Being able to step away from your work when you feel like you need a break can help you stay motivated and reduce burn-out.

Improved technical skills

Telecommuting often requires using technical applications, such as online meeting, communication and team collaboration platforms. You are able to develop technical skills that you may not typically use in a physical workplace.

Improved communication skills

Working from home requires consistent communication between teams and managers, which likely requires more emails, phone calls, video calls and chats in messaging platforms. Regular use of communication tools will improve your skills.

More work flexibility

You have a lot of flexibility with most telecommuting jobs. For instance, many work-from-home positions are unaffected by normal business hours, making it easier to attend to life events like medical appointments. Work-from-home roles can be a huge benefit for parents who work unconventional schedules to accommodate their families.