Product Manager Salary

Every product that we use in our lives, from our mobile phones to the office coffee machine, goes through a long journey before it reaches us. The process of product creation begins with the inception of an idea. This idea is further tested and analyzed with the help of consumer research. Then, the product design is implemented, and eventually, the product is developed to be launched in the market. Product management refers to the practice of driving the process of product creation, development, and market launch. It also extends to further improve the product in alignment with the customer’s feedback and reactions.

Product management is a multidisciplinary field that requires collaboration across teams and departments. It requires organizing, planning, production, and marketing before the product is ready for launch. And you’ll be rewarded for all those high-level responsibilities.

Here’s the complete breakdown of how much you can expect to make in beginning, mid-level, and senior product management roles.

Product Manager Salaries

A job in product management is one of the most sought-after jobs today. A career in product management is a safe bet as it’s a field that will continuously grow and evolve, and it will challenge your skills and knowledge.

Product managers are well-paid and have a high level of job satisfaction. It’s been deemed as one of the top ten best jobs in the United States. A job in product management is also coveted because of its high salary. The average compensation for product managers across various positions can range from $61,000 to $200,000+ per year.

However, the salary depends on multiple factors like:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company

Salaries According to Experience And Position

Seniority and experience drive annual compensation to a large degree, regardless of the industry. We’ve created a list of different job positions in product management from entry-level to the topmost level and their salaries in detail below.

  • Associate Product Manager – This is an entry-level position and is well-suited for recent graduates to start their career in product management. It’s also great for professionals who want to change careers into this field. Some companies might also require a college degree and work experience of zero to two years for this position.

The average annual salary for associate product managers is between $58,000 – $117,000 per year.

  • Product Manager – After gaining experience of three to five years in the associate manager position, you can move further into the product manager role. You can also go for this position if you have some experience in a role related to engineering and sales. MBA graduates or graduates with advanced degrees in technology are likely to skip the associate manager stage. However, eventually, it’s the work experience that matters.

The average annual salary for product managers is between $78,000 – $154,000 per year.

  • Senior Product Manager – Eventually, you can move up to the position of senior product manager. A senior product manager’s job responsibilities include simultaneously managing multiple projects.

The average annual remuneration for senior product managers is between $97,000 – $185,000.

  • Director of Product Management – You will become eligible for this role when you have more than seven years of experience in product management and personnel management. The job responsibilities of a director of product management include leading a team of product managers. Depending on the company, their job might require expertise in a specific industry or domain.

The average annual salary for a director of product management is between $123,000 – $213,000 per year.

  • VP of Product Management – This is one of the more senior positions in product management. The VP owns a company’s product vision and is involved in leadership roles that include guiding the product team.

The average annual salary for a VP of product management is between $130,000 – $254,000 per year.

  • Chief Product Officer – Large enterprises have executive-level roles called chief product officer or CPO. Their responsibilities include the organization of product management in an organization, setting the product strategy, and ensuring that product development is going in the right direction.

The average annual salary for a chief product officer is between $130,000 – $274,000 per year.

Education Options for Product Management

For A Bachelor’s Degree – A bachelor’s in disciplines like computer science, finance, or business can help you build your foundation for the skills that you’ll need to manage a product in the future.

The median salary for graduates is $101,000 per year.

For A Master’s Degree – With an MBA degree, you can directly get hired as a product manager.

The median salary for postgraduates is $108,000 per year.

Salaries According to Location

Location is also an important factor that affects the average compensation for product managers. However, before moving to a higher-paying city, keep in mind other factors like state taxes and the cost of living.

Salary Based on Industry

Certain industries like aviation and healthcare pay higher compensation to product managers compared to the legal and finance industry. Some of the highest-paying industries for product managers include:

  • Aviation/aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Information services
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Recruiting
  • Transportation
  • Utilities and power systems

Salaries According to Company

Salaries also differ based on the companies that you choose to work for. Some of the highest-paying companies for product managers include:

  • Facebook - $233,000
  • Microsoft - $219,000
  • Google - $218,000
  • LinkedIn - $216,000
  • Salesforce - $176,000
  • Amazon - $175,000

Perks of Being A Product Manager

As you can see, product management can be an extremely high-paying and rewarding career. But to keep your memory fresh, here are some of the advantages of pursuing a career in product management:

  • It’s one of the best-paid professions.
  • The field is continuously evolving and it challenges you to develop more technical and soft skills.
  • As you develop product management skills like how to manage large teams and plan strategically, you’ll hone your leadership skills.
  • The skills learned in product management can help you land a VP role in the future.
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In my experience, Best paid PMs in the IT industry are the ones with an overlap of technology, marketing, evangelism and influencing skills. MBA from a top tier college is an icing on the cake. In the end, It might sound cheesy but do not only go for high salary when you are starting. Similar to eng, you will make lots of money eventually in a PM role if you acquire the right skills.

The average salary of product managers in India is â‚ą1,069,290 per annum. Although the average product manager salary in India is around 10 lakhs, it can go up to 30 lakhs per year with experience and added skills. Even the starting pay is quite high for this role.

Product managers in India earn an average of 16,69,290 a year, according to PayScale. Although the typical product manager compensation in India is around 16 lakhs per year, with experience and additional abilities, it can rise to 30 lakhs per year in 2022.

Generally, four primary aspects influence Product Manager Salary in India:

Employer - The company for which you work directly impacts the compensation you will receive.

Experience - The more experience you have, the better your ability to comprehend bottlenecks and solve bugs quickly. Salary and job opportunities will be determined by a combination of experience and the employer.

Location - In the next years, where you work will have less of an impact on your wage. Even so, your location will have an impact on the compensation you can ask for and receive from potential employment.

Skills: your ability to understand depends on your skills to a great extent.