Product management flow:

The Open Product Management Workflow model depicts product management as being separated into three parts: strategic product management, technical product management, and Go-To-Market (product marketing). This model, in addition to the three-part division, outlines which duties and actions product management must complete during a product cycle in order to develop an innovative and lucrative product.

Strategic Product Management
All strategic components and responsibilities necessary to make a present or future product successful are included in strategic product management. This comprises information analysis, concept generation, and coordination and optimization procedures, among other things. A comparable method may be found in technical product management.

Technical Product Management
All aspects and processes required to create a functional physical new product are included in technical product management.

TPMs typically have a very strong opinion on who their users are. TPMs frequently face the problem of empowering others to serve users more effectively rather than serving them all at once. In actuality, some TPMs build products for other Product Managers to utilise.

Product Marketing Management
The outcomes of strategic product management are required for effective product management (Go-To-Market). Product marketing is a subset of product management that falls under the purview of the product manager or product marketing manager of a corporation. Product profitability, product introductions, messaging, and other sales-supporting materials are all under the purview of the product marketing manager. The plan for all marketing operations and communication channels must be prepared in collaboration with the communication team (press department). Simultaneously, measurement points (KPIs) must be created for monitoring the performance of marketing efforts and presenting their evaluation on a regular basis. Market strategies, distribution strategies, positioning, and communication strategies are all strategic derivatives of product marketing.