Prerequisites of Investment Banking

Investment banking has long been seen as a prestigious and well-paid profession. A junior investment banker may easily earn six figures, while experienced professionals can earn millions. However, being an investment banker isn’t a one-way trip–it takes a combination of academic prowess, tenacity, solid networks, and a dash of luck.

1) College degree: A college degree in the domain of economics & finance gives you an edge when it comes to undergraduate placements, but in case you want to divulge into investment banking after having a non-finance or non-economics background in such a case an MBA degree from a highly reputed B school helps the students get a chance to sit in the placement process of coveted companies

2) Fondness for numbers: It’s all about the statistics in investment banking. Basic mathematics can only get you so far in the profession; a strong love for numbers, statistics, analytics, and visual recognition of patterns will truly set you apart. You’ll be golden if you can utilize these to create accurate forecasts.

3) Research & Analytics: Investment bankers are required to do comprehensive market research before proposing or anticipating possible investments, therefore research and analytical skills are equally important.

4) Certifications: Though you can land investment banking jobs without a certification but when it comes to climbing up the ladder in corporate these certifications help. In India, a certification from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University or the Certified Investment Banking Professional Certification can take you a long way towards the job of your dreams. In the US, Chartered Financial Analyst credentials look extra-good on resumes.