Preparation tips for Verbal section of GMAT

In this post, we shall be sharing methods to ace different sections of the GMAT exam. We are going to start with the verbal section.

We are dealing with two questions here, foundation building and score enhancer. Obviously, the score is going to come through application and mock practice, but before that, one got to bolster the base to build the building of scores. The verbal section of the exam tests the reading, grammar, and critical reasoning skills of the test taker. The verbal section of the GMAT comprises questions that focus on Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning, and Reading comprehension.

  1. Go through the basics of subject-verb agreement. Go through Wren and Martin for this topic as it got a good range of rules to make your base and also has a good number of exercise questions. For more practice, you can search online too for clearing your base.

2)Get knowledge of all medium & high-frequency words. You can either take help for flashcards or go to to learn it in a playful manner. The wider your vocabulary library deeper the understanding of the passage. In case you want to learn the etymology of words, you can start with the famous book of Norman Lewis’s “Word Power Made Easy.”

3)Read as much as you can. Have assorted reading material from varied newspapers and websites. Try to have a momentum of reading passages from the varied genre. This not only will increase your knowledge but also make you comfortable to tackle ay passage.

Now coming to the groups for practice, there are some good books for the preparation of this section. The best way to improve your verbal skills is to practice reading, synthesizing passages, and analyzing.

The books that will help you ace the verbal section of the GMAT exam are as follows:

  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Integrated Reasoning and essay. 7th Edition
  • Manhattan review’s GMAT Analytical Writing Guide, 6th Edition
  • The Critical Reasoning Bible (PowerScore) 2021 Edition
  • GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide (Manhattan Prep)
  • The GMAT Official Guide
  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Foundations of Verbal, 7th Edition
  • The Critical Reader: The complete GMAT Sentence Correction Guide

There are a total of 36 questions, with 2 reading comprehension questions, 10 critical reasoning questions & 14 sentence correction questions with a total 65 minutes.

The GMAT Verbal portion is meant to assess your command of written English, your ability to analyze arguments, and your critical reading skills. This section has three categories of questions:

Making and analyzing arguments, as well as devising a plan of action, are all abilities that are tested in critical reasoning questions. You’ll be given a short argument or a set of assertions, as well as a question about it. Understanding the structure of arguments and careful logical examination of the links between evidence and conclusions are required to succeed on Critical Reasoning problems.
Long and complicated sentences are common in GMAT Sentence Correction. You’ll be asked to choose the best version of the highlighted area from the original or one of four alternatives. There may be no errors in the sentence, or there may be one, two, or more errors.

These questions assess your ability to summarise the primary concept, distinguish between ideas expressed explicitly and those inferred by the author, make conclusions based on facts in a text, analyze the logical structure of a paragraph, and derive the author’s tone and attitude toward a topic.