Preliminary questions- MBA interview

The interview panel will already have your application form, but they will begin with a few preliminary questions and gradually build from there. The goal is to make the candidate feel at ease. This is also a great way for the interviewer and interviewee to get to know each other. The interviewer may ask the following preliminary questions:

  1. Would you mind introducing yourself?
  2. Why did you pursue a degree in the field of selection, and how do you see the current job aspects?
  3. What were the most important takeaways from your graduation?
  4. Why should a candidate pursue a master’s degree, in your opinion?
  5. In your honest opinion, should universities give academics more weight when admitting students?
  6. What are your main assets?
  7. In what ways have they assisted you in your professional and personal endeavors?
  8. What efforts do you make daily to overcome some of your weaknesses?
    Once they’ve learned more about the candidate, they’ll dive right in and ask you some technical questions about your field.