Personal Interview experience

My personal experience into entering IMT Ghaziabad
We have to apply for the college before the cat exam. Sometimes the application form will also be released after the cat results are out. The first round was we were asked to submit a video in which we had to give a short introduction about ourselves and why we had chosen IMT Ghaziabad college. After submitting the video and the application form, we were called for the personal interview round. My interview round started with why MBA? Tell me about yourself and some basic HR questions. And the interview was mainly based on the priorities of programmes I filled in the application form. Questions were asked on why you chose these programs and why not other programs. I was also asked what if you don’t get into any B-school, what is your plan -b further. There are also questions based on my academics and the projects I had doneatn my graduation. The whole interview took around 20 mins.

A candidate should always be prepared for some frequently asked interview questions for their MBA admissions.

It’s a necessary screening tool for some. Others use it to determine whether or not a case is borderline. Some even use it as a pre-application information session. You may regard the MBA interview as a dreaded torture, but we’ll show you how to approach it as a pleasant chat.

1. Tell me about your background.

Introduce your personal brand and the professional and personal themes you’d like to cover.

2. What motivated you to apply to business school?

Be specific and concise. You should sketch out a realistic professional path and explain how your MBA will help you grow.

3. Why are you interested in this MBA program?

Demonstrate that you have done your homework. Have three or four precise reasons in mind, as well as any special resources you’re interested in.

4. There are a lot of qualified candidates. What makes you think we should select you?

Your unique brand is what sets you apart. When answering this question, keep your brand themes in mind.

5. What are your immediate and long-term objectives? What do you intend to accomplish with your MBA?

Your short-term objectives should be specific and attainable, and your long-term objectives should align with your interests and personality.

6. What will you bring to our university?

Mention any special interests or leadership opportunities that you have and any particular passions that you can contribute to the student body.

7. What is your greatest asset? What is your biggest flaw?

Select your flaws with care. You want it to be authentic and credible, but not to the point of jeopardizing your campaign.

8. What kind of team player do you consider yourself to be? Could you provide an example?

Bring numerous examples of how you have successfully collaborated with others.

9. Tell me about a time at work when you overcame a particularly challenging task. What added value did you bring to the table?

Consider a unique difficulty and describe it succinctly without getting bogged down in the details.

10. What kind of leader do you consider yourself to be? Can you give me an example of when you demonstrated exceptional leadership?

Prepare multiple leadership examples once more. Ideally, these should be action-oriented, with measurable outcomes that you can easily demonstrate.

11. What would your coworkers say about you?

Highlight both professional and personal qualities that indicate the type of classmate you are.

12. What would your boss say about you?

Keep in mind that your supervisor most likely wrote your recommendation. Your reaction should correspond to their comments to present a true image of what you’re like at work.