Must Read Books for Sales Professionals?

These are a few books that are my personal favorite when it comes to sales. Being aspiring sales professionals these are the top books that I will recommend one to read to develop a sales acumen.

1) SPIN Selling
Author: Niel Rackham

Since the past 12 years, the book has a cumulative sales of $1 Million. The book focuses on the SPIN strategy (S ituation, P roblem, I mplication, N eed payoff) that will aid you in making sales effortlessly by solving problems. that will help anyone become both a problem finder and a problem solver

2) The Challenger Sales
Author: Neil Rackham

A Challenger is a type of salesperson that continually outperforms the competition. Authors Dixon and Adamson studied a sample of hundreds of sales agents in The Challenger Sale and surprise determined that traditional relationship building may potentially be harmful to the whole sales process. They also set out a process for transforming mediocre salespeople into high-performing Challengers.

3) To Sell is Human
Author: Daniel H. Pink

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, one out of every nine people works in sales, but author Daniel Pink believes the other eight do as well. We’re all in sales in one way or another. To Sell Is Human takes a fresh look at the art and science of marketing in the twenty-first century. Pink (author of Drive and A Whole New Mind) will change the way you sell – at work, at home, or at school – with his customary focus on social research, polls, and tales.