Mostly asked Describe a time when you led by example?

Being a good leader isn’t just about telling others what to do. It’s also about showing them how it’s done.
So when you’re asked a question, you’re essentially being tested on your own competencies as well as your ability to succeed – which in turn has a positive effect on your team members’ performance.

To answer this question well, make sure you focus on what you actually did as well as the outcome your behaviour resulted in.

For example, saying you set the bar high by signing 45 customers up to your store loyalty card is good – but further explaining that your attitude resulted in your colleagues gaining another 100 sign-ups helps to prove that not only are you succeeding, your team is too.

Because there really is no ‘i’ in team…

Right answer: ‘ In my last job, we had a drive to sell charity raffle tickets. The team were really on board with the cause and we had a friendly rivalry going with other stores in the area – so the pressure was on. The problem was that customers just didn’t seem interested. So I took things into my own hands and tried different types of wording in our marketing as well as a few persuasion tactics. After a few hours, I’d managed to sell X amount of raffle tickets. After I explained the new approach, the team went on to sell a combined X amount that weekend – making us number one in the area.’