Mid level product management

After one has worked as an Associate Product Manager there is the junior product manager role, which can be interchanged with an associate product manager in some situations. This function is more hands-on as a member of the product team and entails taking some minor ownership of the product for those who can tell the difference.

The following are some of the junior product manager’s responsibilities:

• User input is being gathered.
• Defining features, stories of user & acceptance of the user with developers.
• Collaborating with the product team to create a unified product vision.
The first step toward success as a Junior Product Manager is to recognize to yourself that you are not an expert in the product development process. Even if you’ve worked as a development manager, product marketing manager, or software engineer for a long time, moving into product management will show you exactly how difficult the job can be.

After working as a Junior Product Manager for a brief period, the person is promoted to the position of a Product Manager
The next important duty is that of product manager, which we’ve explored extensively in this article. Depending on your background and the organization you work for, it may take 1-3 years to attain this level.

As mentioned earlier in the article, a product manager’s responsibilities include the following:

• Determining the needs of customers
• Developing a product vision and a plan
• Product team and cross-functional groups working together