MBA with work experience or fresher MBA: Which is better for MBA?

The MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees in India and abroad. An MBA or PGDM (Graduate School of Business Administration) is a two-year degree divided into four or six semesters. This course will help you gain business insights, expand your network and create a wealth of opportunities. Whether you want to enter areas such as marketing, finance, human resource management MBA, data analysis, change your current job profile, or start your path to entrepreneurship, the MBA course is for you. To pursue an MBA / PGDM, you can usually choose from options such as online and distance learning. An MBA prospect with professional experience has the opportunity to choose an executive MBA based on their professional experience.

Million Dollar question
Should we start our MBA journey as a fresher or as an MBA with work experience? What do you know, the options are great because you can choose the best of the many. But at the same time, it tends to be confusing as to how to determine which is best. The same thing happens in this case. Which is the better way to enroll in an MBA after graduation or after gaining professional experience? Let’s examine both options.

MBA Freshers

Many feel that the flow should not be interrupted. I’m talking about a study course here. By the time you graduate, you are already in the zone of attending classes, submitting homework, doing homework, and taking exams. Therefore, if you continue this trend, you will be better able to adapt to the MBA course curriculum.

Personal and professional development is the main change offered by the MBA. As a fresher is like a blank board, your experience with the MBA program will help you develop people personally and professionally. As you are new to the corporate world, the MBA prepares for future challenges.

The best news is on your way, and it’s all about rankings. India’s Top 50 MBA Colleges are trying to maintain a 100% ranking performance. So you don’t have to visit another office door-to-door as the company will pick you up on campus. Also, some companies only select freshmen for the professional profiles they offer, especially their sales profiles.

MBA India with no work experience already knows a lot of strange things about the corporate world and can apply their work experience to case studies and competition, so many with MBA people with work experience I feel the competition. But in a sense, it also provides new students with the opportunity to learn from their peers.

MBA with Work experience

Having invested a lot of time in the organization, not just the MBA, makes an MBA with work experience significant. But it always works in your favor, read the section.

As I said before, experience is very important. The MBA is a degree that prepares you to face the challenges of the corporate world. Since you’ve worked for a company before, you know how it works, what the challenges are, and how to overcome those challenges. Therefore, for those with MBA and work experience, the journey seems easier.

Let’s say you work for an IT company. Because it’s the only job you got from your last college. But you always wanted to be a marketer, a finance person, and so on. The MBA course gives you the opportunity to change the industry and pursue your dreams. In other words, you will be clearer about what you want and you can focus on what you need to help you reach your goals. Greater soft and presentation skills are the result of a company’s presence. During the two-year MBA journey, you will make many presentations and present your ideas before class and at various contests. Therefore, they are already trained to develop talented people.

You know what one of the main benefits of an MBA is, its networking and work experience, people are generally good at it and it helps them grow their networks better. increase.

After living as an employee, getting into student life is not as easy as it sounds. We know that people also learn at work, but their learning methods are different and there are no set standards. As a result, individuals seeking an MBA with work experience may find it difficult to readjust to a class or exam model.


As competition intensifies year by year, students will have to try many times before being accepted into Tier 1 College. Therefore, it is very important to start anew and aim to clear the preparation yourself in the first attempt. Your first attempt as a freshman will always be easier because you will not be separated from your daily studies. However, if you are unable to complete it on your first attempt as a freshman, you can schedule a retest in addition to your internship.