MBA Interview preparation - Why MBA with a Human Resources Management

I was a growth champion award recipient multiple times during my 2-year stint at XYZ organization. During this time, I was selected to be a part of a program that identifies and nurtures meritorious people.

Apart from the technical training I received from the experts there, I also had an opportunity to interact with various business heads and domain leaders and got a chance to work with the HR Domain heads and in extension with our HR department who held sessions to impart all-round development in us. We received valuable lessons on workforce management and on human talent development as a whole.
These sessions helped me greatly when I was supposed to impart Knowledge Transfer sessions to my
teammates and it made me understand that people processes and policies are the pillars of a
successful organization.
And with my technical background has strengthened my resolve as there is a lot of analytics that is used to drive different parts of a business including HR.

Bonus Tips

Don’t mention that I am a people person and that I can connect well with people and hence would like to pursue HR. That is a standard requirement from any working professional and thus doesn’t help you stand out of the crowd. It can in fact derail your chances of converting the call as professors and panelists are aware of the standard template answers and can thus spot these answers in a jiffy.

Make sure to highlight any contributions from your side to the HR practices in your organization and make sure you are well versed with the HR policies pertaining to your organization. This not only shows you are interested in delving into the HR domain but also that you are well versed with our work experience and this can help in driving your interview to your area of comfort.

Keep this in mind whilst you are preparing and appearing for the interview.