MBA Interview preparation - Where do you see yourself in 5 years

This answer will be from the perspective of a candidate with an engineering background and who possesses 2+ years of work experience in the IT sector.

After having had exposure to the IT service sector at XYZ company, I plan to use the intense curriculum at this premier B-School to help me pivot to a career in IT Consulting, Product Management where I will be able to gain further knowledge of the key metrics used to evaluate products and projects. I intend to pursue an internship with an IT firm, which should help position me to get similar roles post-MBA.

In the long term, I wish to obtain a deeper knowledge of some of the frameworks and wish to lead teams to design products and solutions that can serve millions of customers. Creating a lasting impact through technology is something I’ve always wanted to do and this is what I want to work towards in the next 5 years.

This question is easier for those with work experience to answer as one can delve deeper into their reservoir of experiences and can identify what they desire in the next few years post the MBA program.

They are a little bit wiser post their short stint in the industry and can thus decide if they would like to change their industry or sector or if they just seek managerial roles in their own industry.

On the contrary, for a fresher, it becomes difficult to answer this question but they can compensate for their lack of corporate experience through internships or positions of responsibility in committees in school and college and can thus make a reasonable assumption on where their interests lie.

You can then use any framework to formulate your answers and weave them around with experiences from your life to get the interviewer more interested in this answer you have woven.