Management Consulting specialisations in India

The course specialization domains of a management consultant can be:
• Marketing
• Ecommerce
• Human resources
• Business strategy
• Inventory control
• Business restructuring
• Information technology
• Supply chain management
• Financial control

Companies hire management consultants, mainly to gain business benefits by using their industry insight, problem-solving skills, and logical objectivity. Management consultants research and analyze the internal business data of the client, interview the various business stakeholders, and prepare and present reports. Management consultants work a minimum of 50 hours every week and spend a major portion of their days developing relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

Specializing in a particular domain provides them with the requisite specific knowledge which is needed to work in that domain. In addition to that, the general intelligence of the management consultant allows him/her to apply that specific knowledge. Management consultants should also have good presentation skills time management skills, verbal communication skills, and problem-solving skills.