Management Consulting is more than giving advice

Management consulting includes a broad range of activities and the firms involved in consulting each defines it in their own way. One way to categorize the activities of consultants is in terms of the area of expertise. This can include corporate strategy, operations management, or human resources. Another way to look at management consulting is in the form of a sequence of phases.

These phases are:
• Entry
• Contracting
• Diagnosis
• Data collection
• Feedback
• Implementation

As can be seen from the list above, consulting is much more than just providing advice to someone. It involves carrying out a root cause analysis of the problem at hand, collecting the relevant data, drawing inferences, and then making conclusions. The consultants also have to take responsibility for their recommendations. In case of providing poor consultations, consultancies face the possibility of a loss of customers in the future. As a result, a consultant must have clarity about his goals as well as an unbiased approach to whichever problem comes before him. Also, while making his final recommendations the consultant must look at the big picture for the client and involve all variables in the final recommendation. Thus, consulting is not only giving advice based on hunches as done by our grandparents but is a detailed process that involves dedicated commitment to problem-solving