Logical Reasoning section of CMAT 2022

Key Points of CMAT2022 Logical Inference Section

• The reasoning section of the CMAT exam contains 25 questions in MCQ format.
• Each question is worth 4 points for a correct attempt and -1 point for an incorrect attempt.
• The difficulty of the logical reasoning section of CMAT is usually easy to moderate
• In this section of CMAT , about 22 of the 25 questions are considered appropriate trials.

Topics Covered by Candidates:

  1. Coding decoding
  2. Logic-based questions
  3. Syllogism
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Visual Reasoning
  6. Strong/Weak Argument
  7. Series Completion
  8. Number Grid
  9. Analogy
  10. Venn diagram
  11. Directions
  12. Odd One Out

Tips and Tricks

We must first comprehend the nature of logical thinking before we can decipher it. In this part, there are no formulas to remember or theorems to comprehend. Based on the information available, you must answer questions and improve your problem-solving skills.

• “Complete the series” is the most prevalent type of logical reasoning question. A succession of photographs will be displayed, and the contestant must choose which image from the possibilities provided completes the series.
• At first, CMAT logical problems may appear new and perplexing. Please take your time reading the question.
• Don’t look at the first conceivable solution; if you don’t comprehend the question, it’s pointless. It could be even more perplexing for you.
• For visual reasoning problems, examine each photo carefully for a similar theme. This will assist you in determining which of the four possibilities is the correct answer.
• Be wary of suggestive terms like “contains,” “only,” “other than,” and “if not” when answering questions. Take note of prefixes like non, un, and dis.
• Write down the specified date and important points as you read the reasoning question. When practicing example questions, make it a habit to do so.
• Take as many practice CMAT tests and sample work as you can. So that the CMAT core exam questions aren’t shocking, practice different questions from each inference topic.
• In the section on logical reasoning, time management is crucial. Each question on the CMAT takes roughly 1.8 minutes. If you don’t have enough practice understanding a riddle, a phrase, or a series of numbers, 1.8 minutes may be too short. As a result, time yourself while practicing the sample questions.
• Improve your logical thinking skills. To comprehend the sequence of events, read the material and break it down into logical flows or patterns.
• Improve your logical thinking by doing brain teasers like Sudoku and crossword puzzles. It’s not only a fantastic brain exercise, but it’s also a good approach to study for the exam.