Is the PMP course suited for operations managers?

The PMP course stands for Project management professional is an recognized course by the industry worldwide for the project managers. It is offered by Project Management Institute India which is a certification course which adds more credibility to your learnings as a Project Manager and helps accelerate in your career and make progress in the field of work.

PMP certification is suitable for Project Managers who handle a certain type of projects and are team lead on projects. The fields which Operations Management and Project Management cater to are quite different from each other. There are no core competencies which are alike. Though there are some areas that overlap with one another like Stakeholder Management, Human Resource Management, and Communications Management. These areas are something that an Ops Manager can easily learn while working on the job and does not necessarily need a PMP certification for the same. The certificate may add value but it won’t make such a huge impact unless the candidate is looking to change the nature of the work.

The PMP certificate is beneficial to operations managers and anyone who works in the field of operations. Almost every operation department in any firm will have at least one internal project per year. For instance, launching a new product, acquiring a new production line, expanding an existing department, or improving an organization’s method or policy. Having a working grasp of project management will raise the likelihood of project success and efficiency.
The PMP Certification can be extremely beneficial to someone who has prior project management expertise and want to continue managing projects; however, project management is not the same as operations management. I’ve worked in both roles and know that managing operations and projects requires a separate set of skills, while there are some areas of ability that will be useful in both. Communications management, stakeholder management, and human resource management, to name a few.

You don’t need a PMP Certification to learn about or build capabilities in these areas (that would be overkill) - you can always look for less expensive tools to learn how to effectively manage communications, stakeholders, or Human Resources.