Is operations management a good career for women in India?


With globalization and industries striving for better growth, there are no fields/areas which are restrictive to gender Operations is no different. The demand of the industry is having more agile services, faster deliveries, and flawless representation. With companies looking for diversity and broad ideas, most of the manufacturing companies are open to women leaders. An interest in the areas of production planning, Operations analyst, Load planner, warehouse manager or Supply chain Planning can lead women to a career in Operations.
According to a survey conducted by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute Report, 75% of the women agreed that they were willing and open to working in the operations industry as the careers were high paying, challenging, and had a scope of progress. Women bring creative ideas to the table and diverse viewpoints. There are no problems in any fields which are gender-specific. If women are interested in the field of operations, there are enough opportunities in the field and scope of progress.

The manufacturing industry’s opportunities are growing with the advent of globalization and digitization.

  • The majority of industrial jobs added in recent years aren’t the low-paying, time-consuming jobs, these are high-paying, industrial jobs in which there is a representation of women and they excel.

  • The stereotypes of women not being the right for this job should be overlooked and a push-pull effort should be undertaken. A pull effort is to be initiated from the businesses and a push effort is to be initiated from the individual themselves.

  • Since, businesses today foster diversity, women bring invaluable viewpoints that should be considered in the creative process.

  • The market, today, requires leaders that value diversity and enhance innovation. This field provides enough opportunities for women to succeed and prosper, given that they are well equipped and sincere in their outlook.

  • The chipping away of the status quo has already begun and in order to achieve the ultimate goal, the organizations should be going forward, embrace this diversity.