Is management consulting stressful?

In management consulting, there is a modest amount of stress. The degree of stress depends on an individual’s personality. So depending on the type of person you are, you may or may not feel stress in the field of management consulting. It can be looked at in terms of high risk, high reward kind of situation. But to be very honest, the stress in management consulting is not much greater than any other profession which requires professional work of a high level. Comparable levels of stress are seen in the fields of law, medicine, accounting, etc. Therefore it is not as much about how much stress there is, but how you deal with it. In order to cope with increasing stress, one can look at consulting a psychologist, or entering into physical activities like yoga and meditation. Extensive travel hours may also increase stress in this particular job. However, if you are extremely motivated and passionate about that job, you won’t feel much stress as you will be happy doing the job at hand.