Is it Important to Understand General Marketing before starting a career in Marketing?


  • This may sound strange, but capturing the true essence of what is required to succeed in any domain of marketing would be a pipe dream without understanding each component of marketing.

  • Each specialization, whether Brand Management, Marketing Analyst or Strategy Consultant, would necessitate a thorough understanding of the most fundamental marketing concepts.

  • The 4Ps (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion), the 5 Cs (Company, Customers, Competitors, Context, and Collaborators), the marketing funnel, the BCG matrix, the fundamentals of segmentation, targeting, and positioning, Porter’s model, and the Ansoff Matrix must all be memorized before even considering a career in marketing.

  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz is a book that can be read. It offers a stimulating discussion of human psychology. When subjected to a set of stimuli, human psychology remains constant indefinitely, and human interactions are well defined. This can assist a marketer in developing strategies to persuade consumers to buy.