Interview Experience 1 -XIMB

The XIMB interview experience was something that threw me out of my comfort zone. It was held virtually over Zoom and the panel comprised of 2 Male panelists and 1 Female panelist

Some of the excerpts from the interview:_

P1:-Tell me about yourself(cuts me)
P1:- You have worked at TCS Digital organization, tell me more about your role
P1:- Tell me more about why people from IT want to shift to MBA?

Cuts back to P2

P2:- What makes you suitable for our program
P2:- What are the current affairs topics you are aware of
P2:-Whatsapp privacy and Twitter cancel culture. What is your opinion on this?

P3:- Asks academic questions from the theory of computation and some questions on cloud privacy

The interview was rapid and cross-questioning was at its peak. Aspirants must definitely prepare for this interview in excruciating depth as it could make or break your chances.

In the admission process of the XIMB, just like other colleges, you need to put in your scores with the scorecard of the exam they accept scores of (CAT, XAT and their own admission test) on the website portal, and you are informed about the shortlist either via mail or through portal or both. You will be assigned an interview date, which you need to confirm within some days using a Google form.

A day before your scheduled interview with the college panelists, you will be sent a Zoom meeting link via mail, that will also have the details of the time by which you needed to be ready to join the waiting room, along with the minimum requirements of the bandwidth and speed required for smooth interview process.

After some time in the virtual waiting room, I entered a meeting room with 4 panelists, all middle-aged men, waiting for me. Just like the process with XIMB-HR, they decided to take one question at a time with other panelists taking their turns in the form of counter questions to your answer or waiting for their turn till one of the panelists was done with all sort of questions he could ask.

So, the process began with the usual greetings, and then they asking me to introduce myself. Once I mentioned about me spending the major part of my schooling in Odisha and my graduation college sharing the city with XIMB, they asked me if I happened to have visited the XIMB campus any time back then. My reply was yes and they got to know that I used to visit the campus for quiz competitions they used to host.

This was followed by a very generic question a quizzer is asked in Bhubaneswar, that is the name of the architect of the modern part of the city. I answered it and then they moved towards my profile. They found that I had a gap period post my work experience and applying for the college. I explained them how I had taken some time off to prepare for civil services. They asked me about the subjects I took for writing the Mains rounds. After hearing that I opted for History, the next question was why and why not my graduation topic or the line in which I had work experience. After hearing from my side, they asked me if I had read a book ( a very staple book used by History graduates and enthusiast alike by a celebrated historian) . After hearing my answer in affirmation, I was asked some Modern History questions, which I answered correctly.

After this, the panelists called for the conclusion of the interview session and asked me if I had something for them to ask. I said I was fine and then I was asked to make way for the next candidate in the waiting room.