Interview Experience 1 - XIMB-HR

The XIMB-HR interview experience was something that threw me out of my comfort zone. It was held virtually over Zoom and the panel comprised of 3 Male panelists

Some of the excerpts from the interview:-

P1:-Tell me about yourself(cuts me)
P1:- You have studied at Amrita University, tell me more about your undergrad college
P1:- Tell me more about AMMA from an HR Perspective?

Cuts to P2

P2:- What makes you suitable for the HRM program
P2:- What are the current affairs topics you are aware of
P2:-Football and human resource management? Talk on this topic for 1 minute

P3:- Asks academic questions about SQL and NoSQL Databases
P3:- Also probed deeper into microprocessors and microcontrollers course I had taken at my undergrad

The interview was rapid and cross-questioning was at its peak. Aspirants must definitely prepare for this interview in excruciating depth as it could make or break your chances.

Totally in agreement with the above post. I had a similar experience in the interview rounds of XIMB-HR, which is definitely some of the most unusual experiences I have ever had. Maybe it was a deliberate attempt to extract an emotional response out of the candidate, that might work against him or her. Remember, you need not panic at any cost and remain calm and composed with an open mind throughout the process.

So, for the admission process of the college, you are allotted an interview date on the basis of your CAT or XAT score. You need to confirm the dates by filling up a Google Form and then a day before the interview, they’ll provide you with a meeting link (mine was a Zoom link), along with the time by which you need to log in.

You will be in a waiting room, before they let you in. This was the first batch they were taking interview of through this mode in the pandemic era. Once you enter the room, you’ll see 4 panelists sitting together.

They may either ask questions by taking turns one by one and passing the baton to the other one once they are done, or they may ask their share of questions in the form of a counter question to your answer to some other panelist’s question. My interview saw the later method.

So, they begin by exchanging greetings, asking if you had to wait for long or not to exit the waiting room or not and then will begin with asking you to introduce yourself.

With my graduate college in the same city as XIMB-HR, Bhubaneswar, and spending a substantial part of my life in Odisha, I was asked how did I feel about the place as a non-native and what are some unique things, I can quote about Odisha to people who haven’t visited it yet to give them a picture of the social and cultural life of the region. After I had explained them my answer, an estimation question was thrown at me. Based on the place I had spent time in Odisha, they asked me what was the nearest airport from there, and what was the distance one needed to cover to reach there.

Then they asked me about the interest in the field of HR and why I thought it was suitable for me. After my answer, they asked me what was the unemployment rate of India at that time, which I replied with a number I had read in newspaper, claiming that it wasn’t government data and by a research group. This was followed up by the question how the job market was congested and with the college fees, I will be putting a burden on my parents if not coming out with a job in the campus placement season. This was basically an attempt to derive an emotional answer from me. I remained clam and reinforced my faith into my abilities.

After I had answered this, they thanked me for joining in and my interview was done.