Interview Experience 1 - IIM CAP

The IIM CAP interview experience was something that threw me out of my comfort zone. It was held virtually over Zoom and the panel comprised of 3 Male panelists

Some of the excerpts from the interview:-

P1:-Tell me about yourself(cuts me)
P1:- You have studied at Amrita University, tell me more about your undergrad college
P1:- Godmen in education is your extempore topic. Speak on it for a minute

Cuts to P2

P2:- What makes you suitable for the IIMs?
P2:- What are the current affairs topics you are aware of
P2:-Had a back and forth with P2 over Pep Guardiola and his tactics

P3:- Asks academic questions about Operating Systems and Kernel
P3:- Also probed deeper into the android app development course I had taken at my undergrad

The interview was rapid and cross-questioning was at its peak. Aspirants must definitely prepare for this interview in excruciating depth as it could make or break your chances.

The CAP interview carries much more significance than the rest of interview season as it is for a bunch of good B-Schools unlike other interviews which are for tat B-School alone and thus it becomes imperative to nail this interview and finish it early into the season so that you are all set and good to go for the rest of the season.

Having the CAP interview later in the season could mean you go into the interview with the weight of all previous interviews on your shoulders and thus it could hamper your chances. On the other hand, if you do nail all your interviews you could go into this interview relaxed and this could help you maximize your chances.

But the CAP interviews are known to be unpredictable in the sense that they could last anywhere from 5 minutes to a grueling 30-40 minute interview session and thus it makes sense to finish this early into your interview season.

Candidate profile

Name - Rohit Kumar Singhvi

Graduation - B.Sc. Biology

Experience - 0 months

Details -

The interview was online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There was no GD-WAT before the PI round.

There were two panelists, Both male.

The interviewers did the interview randomly.

The first invigilator asked me, " Tell me about yourself."

I answered the already prepared answer.

Then another invigilator asked me, “Why do I want to do an MBA?”

I answered that I wanted to do my own venture and learn all the intricacies of management.

Then he cross-questioned me by saying, “You can hire other managers to do your work right then why to invest a lot of money?”

I answered that I also wanted to learn all the sections to help run the venture more efficiently.

The first invigilator then asked me about my home city.

He asked, “What are some common crops around there?”

I answered accordingly.

He then asked, “What are some common oil used there for cooking?”

I simply answered, mustard oil.

Then, another interviewer asked me about my hobbies. I answered that I love to read, and I also love to research paranormal happenings.

He asked about books I had read. I answered that I like the alchemist and some other Chetan bhagat books.

The first invigilator then asked me, “What are the flaws of Chetan bhagat writing?”

I answered haphazardly since I was flustered with the question.

The interview ended here.

Conclusion - Shortlisted for all the baby IIMs and IIM Kashipur.