Interview Experience 1 -IIFT

The XIMB interview experience was something that was what I would call a wholesome interview . It was held virtually over Zoom and the panel comprised of 2 Male panelists and 1 Female panelist

Some of the excerpts from the interview:_

P1:-Tell me about yourself(cuts me)
P1:- You have worked at TCS Digital organization, tell me more about your role
P1:- Tell me more about why you want to get into IIFT?
P1:- Why International Business MBA over a regular MBA?

Cuts back to P2

P2:- What makes you suitable for our program
P2:- What are the current affairs topics you are aware of
P2:- Differences between industry 2.0,2.0,4.0
P2:- Internet of Things and its practical applications

P3:- Asks academic questions from the electronics courses and some questions on cloud privacy
P3:- Asks me about IIFT Library and was asked to speak on the same for a minute

The interview was rapid and cross-questioning was at its peak. Aspirants must definitely prepare for this interview in excruciating depth as it could make or break your chances.

Bonus Tip

The IIFT interviews are highly unlike the traditional MBA program interviews seen in our country and thus it is highly advisable to go through Trade and foreign policies pertaining to the same.

Also have a damn good answer for the Why IIFT part and prepare extensively for why International Business over a regular MBA and back it up with instances from your life where you felt that.

Having prior international exposure helps but is not mandated and I delved deeper into those instances in my interview. It gave me a valuable talking point and something that the interviewers could further cross question me on.

Keep calm throughout the process as IIFT is slightly slower when it comes to expediting the process and this can get on your nerves. Focus on avoiding this and give your all for the interview process so that you can nail that admit from this institution.