IIM Indore Interview Experience

It will be conducted online due to COVID. After hours of staring at a black screen with the title “Waiting Room,” you will be admitted to the interview room. It’s a little unsettling because, at least in offline interviews, you have time to gather your thoughts before entering the interview room. In an online setting, however, it goes from zero to one hundred in a fraction of a second. In the Indore interview, they are gracious enough to notify you 5 minutes before admitting you to the Zoom room. It was extremely beneficial. Panelists are usually comprised of two people with relevant experience. The panelists’ line of questioning usually begins with the candidate introducing himself or herself. It is expected that one walks them through his or her most recent professional study, which could be a graduate or postgraduate program, and then talks about his or her work experience. They’ll grill you on your key takeaways, roles, and responsibilities. If you are on leave or have taken a gap year, they may ask you to justify your actions. Later on, they’ll ask you some technical questions about your field of study.