IIM Ahmedabad interview experience

AWT Topic : As per recent report of Indian Express, topper from boards are going and workings abroad . Those who choose engineering and stayed back are switching to management because of salaries. Everyone thinks of money only and put country second. Only military people thinks of country

Personal Interview :
2 Gentlemen in panel

P1: Introduce yourself
Me : Did

P2 : What are your views on AWT topic
Me : Explained and mentioned sample space taken for conclusion is too less.

P2 : But suppose it’s only for engineering students, then.
Me : Defended my previous answer and explained some more points and said something like nation need global perspective

P2 : But Nation don’t want you to study MBA as they have already gave you subsidy in engineering.
Me : Said I require both technical and managerial skills so that I can become entrepreneur and contribute to nation

P2 : How many entrepreneurs are without MBA, they why you want to do ?
Me : Explained my need to do MBA.

P1 : What’s your views on de-monetization ?
Me : Said on the line as it has good intentions but implications was little wrong

P2 : What was good about it ?
Me : told about black money

P2 : What was underline assumption ?
Me : Said that people have some black money in the physical form and government is trying to get that

P1 : But according to RBI, there is 100% recovery of all printed money. Then where is rest of the money ?
Me : Tried defending answer but couldn’t

P1 : What was negative impact ?
Me : Told

P1 : Then why you said it was good move ?
Me : Tried correcting them that I said about the intentions

P2 : You worked in real estate sector , what is RERA ?
Me : Explained

P2 : Why there is need ?
Me : Told the working of RERA

P2 : Yes but why you need it ? Are you doing any frauds ?
Me : Said importance of regulations.

P2 : How the transactions happens in Real Estate
Me : Explained about contracts

P2 : How labours get the payment
Me : Either bank account or Cash

P2 : Then who keep track of that money ? Isn’t it black ? How de-monetization affected this ? Do you think digital payment is necessary ?
Me : Said something on the line of having ledger but couldn’t put a strong point

P1: What are your hobbies?
Me: Said classical music and trekking

P1: What are dimensions and weight of harmonium?
Me: Told

P2: Which school of music do you follow? Name some Ragas and their specialty.
Me: Told.

P2: Tell me any situation in the workplace where you handled something and it was special work given to you.
Me: Told a scenario

P1 : (He asked lot of electrical questions )
What’s the difference between Voltage & Current?
What’s a Resistor?
How do you measure these quantities? Units.
Can we change resistance?
Me: Explained everything in detail
P2: That’s it. You can leave.

My interview was basically like a class discussion. I wasn’t asked any questions on the subject matter knowledge.

This is how it went on:

  1. Basic greetings and pleasantries
  2. Why did you quit your job? Follow up questions on my answer
  3. View on journalism and marketing as propaganda mechanisms
  4. What excites you about marketing? Lots of follow up questions based on my answers but nothing to worry as such because it was more like a conversation (basically trying to test how well I’m backing up what I say with logic)
  5. Questions based on my AWT answer, lots of scenarios discussed
  6. Your view on dumping all major disputed issues on supreme Court
  7. What do you think are the benefits of privatisation?
  8. Since you’re not from a mathematical background, how will you deal with our quant-oriented curriculum
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